Get a closer look at Vogl's impact and fire resistance and seamless installation.

Whether you have a long, narrow walkway or a vast, open auditorium, the Vogl range will give you the perfect acoustics for your area, and create a unique aesthetic that is new, bold and innovative, with the best of European technology ingrained in its DNA.

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Vogl is Fire Resistant 

With a Group 1 Fire Rating, Vogl offers superior code compliance and is ideal for commercial applications.  


Vogl is Impact Resistant

Vogl's impact resistance is superior, so we're confident in our 50 year crack-free guarantee. Put it to the test by installing in gyms or in educational spaces. 


Vogl Has a Seamless Finish

Vogl allows for circular, square and slotted perforations to be used in a continuous pattern to achieve a seamless look right across your ceiling.